Property Management Services

Maintenance of the property in line with budgets and regulations

Plant and machinery inventory

Property inspections and health checks

Property reports including current defects and forecasting CAPEX requirements

Day-to-day monitoring of maintenance task for building and equipment

Specialist report commissioning

Utility management and efficiency advice

Work reports

Subcontractor procurement and supervision

Maintenance scheduling

Asset Management Services

Budgeting and forecasting

Tenants coordination and tenant management

Claim management

Property reports including rent-roll and tracking performance against budgets

Commercial management

Due diligence and valuation participation

Cash flow management

Benchmarking and competition analysis

Creating portfolio strategy

Coordination of Property Manger’s performance

Project Management

Project Monitoring and Engineering consultancy

Works and contractors supervision

Tendering external contractors

Budgeting and Cost Management

Supervision and update of technical documentation

Tenants works monitoring and coordination

Cooperation with technical services on site

Works reports

Maintenance planning

Technical Due Diligence

Leasing Services

Leases negotiations

Leasing strategy

Management and coordination of leasing

Liaising with Tenants

Leasing Meetings and Reports

Rents review

Market overviews

Coordination of tenants move-in

Seeking new tenants

Monitoring compliance with the lease agreements

ESG Consulting

ESG provides opportunities not only for the environment, but also for investment owners, tenants, employees, and local communities. In light of climate change and legislative requirements, proper property management is crucial. At Blue Assets, we offer comprehensive ESG consulting services that include:

Conducting comprehensive research and analysis (due diligence) of investments to assess their condition in relation to ESG sustainability criteria (environment, energy efficiency, electromobility, social issues, waste and water management).

Developing sustainability strategies based on ESG factors, along with the creation of policies for individual assets.

Implementing building certification processes such as BREEAM In-Use, Well, and others.

Conducting a climate risk analysis of investments.

Assessing building compliance with regulations such as Taxonomy, SFDR, or CSRD.

Assessing buildings for Carbon Net Zero, including optimization of CO₂ emissions.

Analyzing the feasibility of using photovoltaics in three systems: to the external grid, off-grid, and independently.

Developing renewable energy and offsetting action plans.

Collecting data to report ESG indicators and ratings, such as GRESB.

Introducing green lease clauses.

Creating codes of good practice for tenants as part of responsible space management in the building.

Implementing landscaping and outdoor amenities.

We hope these services will assist you in achieving your sustainability goals while contributing to a more sustainable future.