Our green solutions

The economic development strategy of the countries of the European Union, known as the European Green Deal for the European Union and its citizens, aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

In practice, this means reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the minimum as well as offsetting emissions. Achieving this ambitious goal requires cooperation and joint action by all of us – states, companies and people, both employees and individuals in their private lives.

The real estate market plays a key role in responding to the climate crisis and there is a huge potential in successfully decarbonising the economy.

Green construction and thus real estate are one of the pillars of the new regulations.

Our sustainability strategy therefore covers three areas – the environment, society (concerning employees, users of the properties we manage and local communities) as well as corporate governance.

In line with the guidelines and regulations stipulating the need to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions, Blue Assets has prioritised the purchase of energy from renewable sources. The company is digitalising data collection for greenhouse gas emissions reporting, creates green lease agreements, develops good practices for tenants in the context of ESG, and introduces BREEAM In-Use and other certifications upon request. It also conducts analyses of investment projects checking them for sustainability.

Blue Assets manages real estate in accordance with ESG

E for Environment

Green solutions for the environment

  • Solutions and technologies to reduce energy consumption
  • Water-saving measures – modern monitoring and leak detection systems, water-saving fittings, rainwater or grey water systems
  • Replacement of external lighting to eliminate light pollution
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Landscaping and seating areas made from sustainable materials – e.g. furniture made from recycled wind turbine blades, thus supporting the development of a circular economy
  • Green terraces in office buildings
  • Tree and shrub plantings to enrich the ecosystem surrounding the developments
  • Multi-storey isolation greenery and noise barriers enriched with greenery
  • Biodiversity – hotels for invertebrates, birdhouses, hedgehog houses and beehives
  • Rain gardens

S for Social

Well-being of the employees and local communities of the developments we operate

  • Outdoor gyms, table tennis tables, fooseball tables, as well as basketball and volleyball courts and playgrounds, including those accessible to local communities
  • Additional facilities within the park such as vending machines, parcel lockers, bottle crushers
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Glazed and illuminated bicycle sheds
  • Ecological landscaping – urban furniture and relaxation zones
  • Office entrances landscaped with greenery in the style of pocket parks
  • Special outdoor lighting to minimise the effect of light pollution

G for Governance

We act transparently

  • Transparent management methods
  • Building responsible attitudes and behaviour:
    • code of ethics
    • compliance (anti-corruption) policies
    • whistleblowing mechanisms
  • Responsible purchasing

We also support tenants and landlords on corporate governance by:

  • Promoting transparency in reporting
  • Codes of good practice for tenants
  • Green lease clauses